09 November 2009

A new thrifting treasure

A few weeks ago we had a very lucky thrifting day. We found ourselves a copy of this book for 65 cents. It actually turned out to be an even better deal than we knew at the time, because it is currently out of print.

We love Ed Emberley's drawing books. He uses basic shapes drawn out step-by-step that turn into unique animals and faces and other everyday objects. His method is easy enough to make anyone more confident in their drawing skills.

In fact, recently 4-year-old Owen has taken to drawing more than just scribbles and random shapes. I think it is because he discovered that he could follow the few steps given in this book

to draw animals and he and I and Jeff and James were amazed at the final product. It gave him the confidence to draw more.

For quiet time today I surprised him with a new notebook just for his drawings and I can't wait to watch the pages fill up and a new little artist finding his own style in our house.


The Fullmer Times & Seasons said...

That's cool. It seems like my parents had a book like that when I was growing up.

Sara said...

ooh we totally had that book growing up and i'd forgotten about it. what a great idea to help your kids learn to draw. max is 4, too, and maybe something like that would be good for him. thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

love it. you're so fun, bean! i need to find a good thrift store around here.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Ed Emberley's books are great! There's another one called something like Circle Pie that's a lot of fun too. Love the wonderful cat and bird your little guy drew.