09 July 2009

The battle of the bulge

Here I find myself, seven weeks postpartum and generally feeling pretty great. Henry and I have figured out a nursing routine that seems to work, and we've reached that awesome milestone where we can get through a night with no diaper changes.

So now I turn my attention to my flabby gut. I spend a lot of time with my shirt up these days, hence, there is too much time spent wishing that simply staring at the flab would make it magically go away.I've come to the place where all the weight that one can lose simply by giving birth and then subsequently breastfeeding for seven weeks is off and the rest of it is now up to me. Ugh.

With my other two boys I reached this point and just sort of stayed there for months and years. I wouldn't say it was a terrible weight to be, but it definitely didn't allow me to fit into many of the pants I've kept in the size I keep thinking I really am.

This time around I want it to be different. I want to actually get rid of that extra 15 lbs. and keep it off. I'm setting my goal there because it is big enough to keep me focused but not so big that I feel totally overwhelmed. Sure, I would probably be even happier getting rid of 20, 25 even 30 pounds, but I just like food too much to commit myself to that.

I asked Jeff at dinner last night, "how does a person even lose weight, anyway?"

His answer: "exercise and eat less."

Easier said than done.

I'll admit that I'm actually kind of excited about the exercise part because apart from a couple months in the middle of the pregnancy, I really never felt much like exercising, so for nine months I just didn't. So I'm getting back into running again, and it really does feel great.

But eating less is very difficult for me. Especially considering I'm still in my post-pregnancy feeding frenzy and also have an unquenchable nursing appetite.

Perhaps just making this public confession will make it easier this time around. We'll see. I'm going to do my best. But don't worry, I'm not going to involve you, my readers, in every pound I've lost. This is probably all you'll hear about it just in case I fail miserably.


Emily said...

Lol "how do you lose weight anyway?" That's funny...I hate how eating less is part of the answer because really, that just seems impossible.

Good luck! You can do it!

J Hoyal said...

Good luck with losing weight. I hate it!!! I am still trying to loose weight and my baby is now 10 months. Yuck!

Em said...

i would say don't start the eating less til you're done nursing. even on weight watchers they give you tons of extra points if you're nursing for the baby's milk's sake. do you have a jogging stroller? i picture you do. it was and still is charlie's favorite activity ever.


Oh, I hear you loud and clear. I have a feeling, for me, the weight won't end up really coming off until after we have another one. Someday... Someday I will be (at least) close to the size I think I really am.

Jeff F said...

I would just like to interject that I think that you look great and I am impressed by how amazing you look after just six weeks. A disclaimer for everyone else: I was not referring to Kristine, but ways to lose weight in general. I am hopefully NOT a big fat jerk.

Chelsea said...

You can do it Kristine! Hey I've had a bunch of friends lose the 15 lbs of baby weight through weight watchers. Just a thought.

Donnie Barnes said...

Good recovery, Jeff! :-)

Seriously, though, I have to disagree with the "eat less" part. Entirely. You need to eat just as much as your body wants to eat. The big thing is to eat BETTER. Drink water instead of pretty much everything else. Eat vegetables and fruit when you feel like snacking. Just give up fried foods in general (they slow the metabolism, which is also what not eating when you're hungry does, which is bad for weight loss).

And on the exercise thing, don't give in. Remember something is better than nothing, so if you don't have time for your "full" workout then don't just skip it, do what you DO have time for. Do several small workouts if you don't have time for one long one. Don't be afraid to be sweaty around your kids...they're the last people that will care. I could go on, but I'm betting you get the idea. Good luck!

Jen I said...

You know what though - telling myself that phrase over and over really did help me lose weight! Because I really DO have to eat less - I think especially once you start getting our age unfortunately. Try pilates. I'm so much happier now when everything starts gathering back in to the middle, if you know what I mean!

stacie said...

I feel exactly the same way!! My "plan" to lose weight with Jared isn't working- I can't commit I guess. If you're interested, we could try and come up with a plan to exercise and share eating logs or something to keep eachother motivated! Losing baby weight is the worst!

Ilene said...

Good luck. I hate the less eating and more exercise thing. I think moms should get a free ticket.

How I lost the baby weight:
Keep eating like regular and then do The Firm 3-5 times a week. I kid you not. I lost 15 lbs. It did take me a few months though because I can't give up the food and be a happy person.

The Firm has DVDs at Target and WalMart so you don't have to get the big package they advertise on t.v. I do have some of that stuff but the Bootcamp DVD I got at Target kicks my butt. I want to throw up every time I do it. Which is a good thing, I guess.

Mel said...

I was going to say, I want to join you!, until I got to the part of running. I don't think I'm up to that. =) I was tempted by the Wii fit when I saw it at Costco but feared it would most likely be something I'd use for a week and then just let it get dusty.
I simply want to be able to fit in my pants! I have kept plenty of pants from over the last 5 years that range 3 different sizes and alas even the largest size does not even remotely fit. That doesn't keep me from trying them on every few days just in case a miracle occurred. ;)

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