18 July 2009

On writing well

Blogging is an interesting phenomenon. I daresay it is making ordinary people into writers. In school these ordinary people wrote in order to complete assignments or to get a good grade, but perhaps didn't terribly enjoy it. I believe I was one of these. And it's too bad really, but for these ordinary folks, with graduation comes the replacing of this formal, essay-type writing with the informal, sometimes choppy, silly writing of emails, status updates, or an occasional memo for a job or the like.

But writing on a blog can bring one back into the spectrum of formal writing. To voluntarily put thoughts into words and publish them for the public to read is brave, but can also be therapeutic and good for the mind, like completing the daily crossword puzzle is good for the mind.

When considering why I decided to join this blogging world, I look back on my very first post on the 16th of January 2008. It's a silly post really, but defines what I was thinking at the time. I was still new to selling on Etsy, and thought a blog might be good for business.

In the 128 posts that have followed that first one, I have changed my tune a bit, and figured out that for me, writing has become less about being good for business and more about being good for the mind. In fact, when I read good writing on others' blogs, (like this, for example) I am only inspired more to make my own writing better.

It is a lofty goal, maybe even a lifetime goal, but wouldn't Mr. Jeffery Williams (my best high school english teacher) be proud? Reading other peoples' thoughts as recorded on their blogs allows a glimpse into their lives and minds that can't be replicated even if you see them a lot or are their best friend or sibling. I love it.


Em said...

ya. how can we ever measure up to lis? and are you mr. williams friend on facebook? he's writing books...
p.s. the word i have to type to prove i'm not a robot is "fashemag" and we just got back from shopping. fitting, really. :)

Sara said...

So true - all of it. Great post!
I wonder if English teachers cringe when reading their students' blogs. For the most part, blogs are so informal, ya know?

Michael Crosby said...

Hi Lima Bean,

I recently started my own blog in June 09. It's funny how much I go back and re read my postings.

I must say, I like what I write. There is no one to critique my writings, but all in all, I'm pleased. Though in truth, I'm sure there are a ton of errors.

I have a cousin who's a writer and when I read her stuff, I'm just swept away.

Lis said...

Y'all stop, now.

I see every blog post as a mini-essay, with the accompanying pressure. I love that you see it like a good writing exercise.