05 July 2009

Three lovely days at the Oregon coast

  • estuary: an arm of a river that meets the sea. in this case, an excellent place for many little boys to play in the mud and throw rocks while the adults sit and admire the ocean
  • a pleasant day hike to a giant spruce
  • climbing 93 feet up to the top of the tallest lighthouse in Oregon
  • a morning game of catch
  • the last handful of sand before heading home


Aimee Fuller said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Still bummed out we couldn't make it. :( But we WILL make it someday!

Lizzy said...

That does look nice and relaxing. I love the Oregon coast!

Lis said...

I seriously love that estuary thing. It is like a marvel of nature, if you ask me. Cute pics.