15 December 2008

Sewing and Snowing

There is much holiday sewing to be done and here is the view from my serger today:

Whoever told us that it RARELY snows in Eugene has now officially been wrong 4 times in the 3 1/2 years we've lived here. The storm that has been the talk of the town all week finally dumped about 4 inches last night as we slept.

Luckily, Oregon school districts consider snow a reason to cancel school, so Jeff is home, and we get to enjoy a cozy, relaxing day in our warm house all together. There really are some great benefits of having a husband who is a teacher.


Jessica said...

FUN! I wish Nik was home today! It's been all rainy and dreary here today too. How are you feeling?

Chelsea said...

Snow in Oregon is SO much cooler than snow in Utah because you get to stay home. Jealous.

Lizzy said...

I remember my first Eugene snow storm. School and town shut down for days because of a couple inches. I wish they'd do that here!

joonbeam said...

We lived in Eugene 1995-99 and they turned out to be the four rainiest years in the century or something like that. The rainfall amounts changed the averages. We did have snow one morning as I recall. Yours is so pretty. I hope you feel better with every passing day. And your soups are lovely. I just made a butternut squash soup last night that was divine. We could eat soup every day. Thanks for your wonderful blog posts.

Oh, and hurray for teachers. :)