08 May 2008

Save a bag, save the earth!

Emilee, my other sister who is always discovering fun things on the web, sent me a link to this book, written by Karen Farmer.
I have been thinking of making a child-size canvas shopping tote for some time now, and this is a great inspiration to make it happen.

Perhaps when our young children are adults, the question of "paper or plastic?" will be a thing of the past. Perhaps if they forget their shopping totes, they will just be out of luck at the grocery store. Probably not.

But many of them, having grown up watching their own parents carry their reusable shopping totes, will not even think it strange to carry on this ritual. And if we get them started young, with their own canvas tote, even better.

So, be on the lookout in the next few weeks for a new line of totes, inspired by My Bag and Me.

Oh, and P.S.--Make sure you go check out my new shop banner created by my awesome, talented sister, Alisa. THANKS Lis!


mindi said...

what a cute idea for a book AND a canvas bag! while we were in cali i saw something on the news about the possibility of banning plastic shopping bags there? we are certainly heading in the right direction!

Lis said...

Aw shucks.

Think of a world without plastic bags. What a dream.

dogey said...

that shop banner is pretty sweet. good yob lis. sweet book, you should get it for the buddies :)

dogey said...

yeah, i got lasik. basically, it's the sweetest thing ever :) nope, pops didn't talk me into it. i've always wanted it, but it was my post-half-marathon reward/tax refund spending to myself :) happy day. sure wish i had been in oregon this week!