28 May 2008

Have you seen this commercial?

This is a terrible version I found on YouTube, but perhaps you've seen the real version when you accidentally forgot to fast forward the commercials in your nightly DVR catching-up session (that's how I saw it).

So the message I get out of this is spend more time with your family by using paper plates at every meal. Like your children are really going to suffer in that 10 minutes you spent away from them loading the dishwasher. Whatever happened to teaching your kids how to do their own dishes?

Now, don't read me wrong here. I am not anti-paper products. I do believe that some situations warrant the use of disposable dishes and utensils--although one of the things I hate most is to see a garbage can full of used paper plates and cups. I do use them, though, when necessary.

I mean, I hate doing dishes like the rest of the world, but I think that this is very irresponsible advertising.


Tara said...

Wow I totally agree! What a lame commercial. They should have shown the family having a picnic at the park or something - that could have been a dixie day. Not a normal meal! And I always had to help with the dishes! That's family time too!

P.S. hi by the way! :)

Lis said...

I saw that a few weeks ago and I was aghast. I immediately thought of you. I think the worst part about it is the "deserve" mentality - first of all, it's all women, so where are the husbands? The implication is that nobody else can do the dishes so the poor, bedraggled mother deserves a break by filling up the trash . . . and the next commercial is of her nagging her husband to take it out. Ugh. It's the worst commercial on so many levels.

Donnie Barnes said...

Agreed. "Guilt" advertising sucks.

And only 20 days between blog entries! Careful, lest you become Trav. ;)

Lima Bean said...

I know. . .Trav's blog is collecting some serious dust and mine was getting there due to houseguests, memorial day trips and lack of inspiration. I vow never to do it again.