29 April 2008

Ode to Justin Roberts

If you have kids, you might just fall in love with Justin Roberts. Even if you don't have kids, you might fall in love with him. We first discovered his music while searching through our local library's collection of kid music. Because my kids like to listen to music in the car AND I'm also frugal, I love the option of checking out music from the library. Through this experience I've learned that there is a lot of annoying kid music out there. Let's say we've checked out 50 cds in James's short lifetime--my guess is that 40 of those have made us glad we can take it back and that we only borrowed, not bought it.

After hearing the first few songs on Justin Roberts Meltdown CD, we concluded that "Justin Roberts" must be a stage name for Zach Braff (from Scrubs) because he sounded so much like him. However, we have reconsidered our initial impression and realized Mr. Roberts is very much a unique, gifted artist and has several CDs full of lively, clever songs that my kids LOVE and I must admit I love too. He's a gifted song writer and captures the funny events in kids' lives with incredibly creative lyrics.

You can listen to a few of his songs if you launch this radio player. (Make sure you listen long enough to hear I Chalk, and Rocketship--two of his best)

We are his biggest fans. Now he just needs to add Eugene (or even Portland!) to his list of concerts. I know he would put on a good show.


Emily said...

Oooh I'll have to check him out...I love finding good music for kids. Thanks!

Lizzy said...

I need some good music to listen to with Ben. Thanks for the tip!