27 February 2008

It's in my genes

Yesterday I found this note, written on a small piece of folded wrapping paper, hiding in the front of my recipe box:

Here's a recipe notebook I had in my cupboard from a long time ago, (and it wasn't being used, so thought you might find it useful for clipped recipes from magazines, helpful hints, or whatever.) If not, pass it on to someone else. I strongly believe in recycling, you know.
Love, Gram T.

It's true that Gram and Gramps T. strongly believed in recycling, reusing, composting, and generally being less wasteful. They didn't make a scene about it, but simply made choices to reuse plastic bags, foil, the same napkin for all three meals (folding it to the cleanest side each time), to eat and preserve food they had grown in their master garden, and the list goes on and on.

I just hope they are proud of the efforts I am trying to make to continue their example and carry on their legacy. In their honor, I am starting a new line of canvas shopping bags.

Here is the first installment:


Jessica said...

love love love the new bag!

mindi said...

just found your blog, you little sneak! love the reusable produce bags, love the new canvas bag, love the cute note from gram, love you!