04 February 2008

What's playing in the sewing studio

Well, first of all, don't I wish I had a sewing studio. In fact, what I have is a corner of my bedroom which has everything to do with my sewing shoved everywhere it can possibly fit. But, thanks to Renate, my dear aunt, I do have a fabulous sewing table which holds my awesome old Bernina and my wonderful Christmas present Pfaff serger.

So, these days on those precious moments when I am able to spend time in my sewing corner the only thing I want to listen to is Patty Griffin. Two plus years ago, when Alisa kindly shared her ipod (for a pittance) she generously left music on there and I have slowly been discovering what good taste she sometimes has, and for sure the introduction to Patty has been a fabulous one for me and for my sewing.

If you haven't ever heard her, start with Sweet Lorraine, Forgiveness, Goodbye, and because I live in Oregon where it rains most of everyday in the winter, Rain, which gives voice to how I feel about it sometimes.

Gotta love good music and ipods. Thanks Lis.

1 comment:

Lis said...

Love Patty. So glad you do, too :) I think "Long Ride Home" is one of my top 15 desert island songs.