09 March 2008

Green as a Bean

If you could be green, would you be a lawn or a lean green bean and the stalk that it's on?

Would you be a leaf on a leafy tree?
Tell me, lean green one, what would you be?

We checked out this book, by Karla Kuskin, from the library last week and only after bringing it home did I realize what a great title it has. It's a cute read for kids, inviting them to choose what they'd be i
f they were green, red, soft, fierce. My boys loved reading it.

In the spirit of being "green as a bean" I wanted to share a few amazing items I found on Etsy. All of these items are made of "reclaimed" materials that would have ended up in the landfill, but have instead found a new life at the hands of talented, creative crafters. These crafters are all my fellow members of the ecoetsy street team.

These clipboards are made of recycled circuit boards by DebbyAremDesigns
This is a book (pages removed due to damage by water or other causes)
that has been repurposed into a journal by PenguinLove

And finally, these earrings are made by SilveroftheValley out of Art Clay Silver, a product made from pure reclaimed silver from recycled products such as photographic and dental supplies, and circuit boards. You can read more about this product in her Etsy profile.

Thanks ladies, for letting me share your unique pieces and for your commitment to making eco-friendly creations.

If you could be small, would you be a mouse
or a mouse's child or a mouse's house
or a mouse's house's front door key?

Tell me all, small one, what would you be?

PS--If you want to win some fun eco-friendly prizes, come and participate in the Team EcoEtsy St.Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt on Sunday, March 16th. You can read how to play here


Lizzy said...

That sounds like a cute book! Ben is really getting into reading these days so I'll have to check it out. Gotta love the library! And I love that journal. How fun!

mindi said...

love the clipboard. what great ideas!