09 February 2008

Do you love Etsy too?

I'm sitting here trying to think back to how I got introduced to Etsy in the first place. I'm sure it was Alisa-- my fashion-forward, has a bit of knowledge about most subjects and a lot of knowledge about others-- sister who introduces me to most new things, but I can't even remember what that conversation was like.

Actually, now I do remember. Someone posted something on the gdiapers forum about how Etsy was a good option for a SAHM looking to earn a small income with her craftiness. This sparked my initial interest, and it has only just grown from there. Here's where Alisa came in-- I looked for approval (as I often do) about the credibility and "coolness" factor, if you will, of Etsy, and she came back with rave reviews. That was all I needed to take the plunge and set up shop.

Well, Etsy, you have met and exceeded all my expectations and have lived up to the rave reviews. Of course there are some glitches here and there--they're a newborn company!--but the fees are low, the image hosting is priceless and they're just going to keep getting better.

My favorite thing has to be how fellow Etsyians (Etsyites?) are so willing to share their knowledge with each other. I have learned to be a better photographer, a better seamstress and a better marketer all from tutorials, storque articles, and other forums in which these Etsyians have unselfishly shared their expertise to help us newbies.

So, here I am, back to my first question--Do you love Etsy too? How did you discover Etsy? Post a comment and tell us all!

Can't wait to read them.

Oh, and check back soon for another post where I confess that I am also addicted to Etsy. . .


Lis said...

And let's be honest, I learn about everything I love these days from design*sponge or Apartment Therapy, and I learned about etsy from d*s. So no credit to me . . .

Ilene said...

Hey Kristine!

Good to hear from you. Funny about your nickname because mine is Green Bean (hence my bean-inspired blog name).

My sister-in-law, Cynthia, has an Etsy store, Meringue Designs. I am jealous of all you crafty types!! I would love to have a marketable skill. I do have a sewing machine- an old Bernina work horse- but I only use that if my mom is in town and I need her to sew me some roman shades or make me a pillow. You have cute, cute stuff!

Tara said...

Hi Kristine! I too am quite jealous of your craftiness! I seriously am lacking in all things creative. I've got to go check out your etsy site now... finally!