24 February 2014

Handmade Christmas Gifts 2013

I always want to remember the fun the boys have in making Christmas gifts for each other. This is a tradition that makes special memories for weeks during the planning, making, wrapping and opening of each gift.

Henry made all the brothers a "medicine bottle" full of candy. "When you are sick, use these". When they opened up each bottle, he couldn't wait for them to read the funny joke.

Owen made James a  mod podge bowl for his dresser to hold all the random small items that always seem to be piled on dressers. He was originally going to make the whole thing out of newspaper and paint it, but when it was dry, he used his creative license to leave the newspaper showing. He even cut out the date from one newspaper and mod podged it to the bottom for a memory of when it was made.
For the little brothers, Owen and I found many pictures of them over the few years of their lives, had them printed and he made each a special photo book that they love to look through.

 James and I found this idea for clipboard chalkboards. He made one for each brother, including a little fabric chalk holder that he hot-glued to the back and a felt eraser mitt in three different sizes for three different hands.

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