25 June 2013

The Great Kiwi Experiment: part 2

For anyone interested in a kiwi update:

The mammoth plant got so top heavy, it threatened to tip the trellis over.

Our only solution was to prune all the non-fruiting vines, hoping that this doesn't affect the development and growth of the fruit.

Here are all the little kiwi bunches. There are more than we expected, and here's to hoping they all survive and get their fuzz.
Glimpse at my garden. The boys planted pumpkin vines on the left that are growing better than we all hoped. The tomatoes in the middle are also growing like crazy, and cucumbers, jalapenos and volunteer squash in the front bed.
 Raspberries are prolific. Jeff is in heaven.
 A closer look at the pea vines, which have produced decently, but got decimated by snails.

 Harvest from today. The rest of the peas, and a whole pile of tender baby kale.


Lis said...

Incredible! I can't imagine how much fruit you will have if they all ripen! Grandma & Grandpa T would be so proud of those raspberries (and everything else).

Aimee & Brennen Fuller said...

It's a jungle! That garden looks amazing. I wish I lived closer to reap the benefits of it all.