25 February 2014

Right Now I Am

Reading "We took to the Woods", a piece of non-fiction by Louise Dickinson Rich, where she chronicles tidbits of her life living deep in the woods of Maine. I can't get enough of the rich, descriptive writing where she describes what they eat, how they survive, the visitors that come through, and how they make a living.

Eating less calories than usual, trying to use My Fitness Pal to count, and having good days & bad days in doing so. Weekends are always the most difficult to stay focused on the goal.

Loving early morning workouts. I never thought I would be someone to enjoy the 5:30 a.m. step class, but I love having it done and over with by the time I drop the kids off at school. Jeff's sister Amber was the first to promote early morning workouts, and I have always admired her ability to get up early and do it.

Behind on laundry, as usual.

Looking forward to spring break and a possible fun vacation to the Redwoods our little family is considering.

Enjoying our new furnace and the quiet, efficient way it heats our house without us even being aware. Life is good and comfortable and I feel so blessed.

A little nervous about the prospect of finding a new car to replace our old 1995 Honda Accord that has given us so many good years, but just isn't worth repairing anymore.

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JessBK said...

Love this update and seeing your kids - especially James looking so grown up!! I wish our library had 'we took to the woods' as I love your book recommendations. Good luck with the car hunting! Ugh.