25 June 2011

Garden 2011: part 3

So the good news is, the spot outside my kitchen window is a perfect location for a garden. I originally thought it wouldn't be hot enough for tomatoes, but I think I was wrong. It gets plenty of southern exposure sun, which is the best and warmest kind.
  • The snap peas which were planted right up against my house took forever to sprout, but now are finally big enough to be covered in blossoms and producing little peas. I picked 5 the other day, which was just enough to make me want more. They might be one of my most favorite vegetables of all time.
  • You can see the tomato plants in the second picture down, in the left bed to the right of the blue hula hoops. I am pruning and staking my tomato plants again, with the hope that they will produce early and well. So far they are thriving and have lots of blossoms and even one small green tomato.
  • My dad was here a couple of weeks ago when Thomas was born and he generously agreed to help me install drip irrigation for my beds. I am thrilled to finally have a watering system that isn't just me standing outside with a watering can, or wasting water with an ineffective sprinkler. Here you can see the little tubing nestled into the carrot bed. Incidentally, we picked our first carrot yesterday and it was sweet and delicious. It was a part of the first planting, which was done in March, and the others should be ready any minute now.
  • I picked the broccoli a bit too late--lesson learned that it should be picked when the buds are tight and not flowering--but it is still delicious, and I feel proud of my very first four heads of broccoli. I look forward to another fall planting of broccoli.
  • And lastly, I am also very proud of my cabbage heads. Although the outside leaves have been nibbled on by snails, once you peel those away, the cabbage is like a work of art and the texture is soft and tender. Cabbage, like snap peas, is one vegetable I can never get enough of, so I am thrilled to finally harvest and eat my very own.


Shannan said...

Looks fantastic!

And for a new mother of four boys - I say Bravo to you!!! Great job. I wish I could come and visit firsthand (perhaps I will someday). You should come and visit my garden this year if you are on your way to Portland one day. Holy Cow I've almost perfected my gardening system in this yard :)

~Holly~ said...

Congrats on a great looking garden!! Hooray for peas!! I was able to harvest my first batch last week. I want more!!

shopannies said...

we are just a salad gardener this time but next year I so want to be like you come see what I shared at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

debbie said...

ohh its looks so good, everything growing! and i agree with you about the cabbage and the peas!! i love em!


Darwis Symonds said...

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