25 January 2011

Garden 2011: part 1

The past few days we have been given a little weather gift here in Springfield. Three straight days of 50+ degree, sunny days and more in the forecast. I have been staring out the window at my overgrown, leaf-strewn yard for three months feeling depressed that I would never again have the energy to rake or trim or plan a space for a garden. But fortunately, the gardening bug bit me thanks to this weather gift, and I have been inspired in all sorts of ways.

The best news is that I figured out a place in the new yard I think will be sunny enough to put raised beds for growing my vegetables. Originally I thought it was going to take some major excavation and taking out trees to do this, but I think this spot which is right outside the kitchen window should work. It probably won't be sunny or hot enough for tomatoes, so I'll have to figure out something else for those if I actually want them to yield any fruit. But since I have a goal to plant peas in February like I did last year, there is still much work to be done, as you can see by these pictures:

So far I have excavated the weeds out of the bottom layer, and moved over these raised bed frames that were left behind from the previous owners. Next up is to do the same thing with the second layer, build two more raised beds, fill them with all sorts of good soil and additives, lay down pea gravel all around the outsides (thanks for the tip, Shannan!) and install drip irrigation.

With more sunny weather in store, I'm hoping to have a good update next Tuesday to share.

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allysgrandma said...

Wow you did that yourself? I am impressed!! DH has promised me a new bed out front for flowers in our side yard. He has to build it soon!

Shannan said...

If there was anything I learned from last year and being pregnant and due right as the growing season began is this.
Yes, it was great to have something to get me out of hte house. Yes, I loved loved loved the organic vegetables out my back door. But keep it small, minimal, and really easy. Because trust me - going to four kids is no joke and you don't need an out of control yard to add to your stress. This year I can feel myself being able to do alot more, but last year I'm glad I kept it to basics.:)