14 April 2010

Shop Update: Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags

These snack & sandwich bags have been in the works for a little while now, but I have been looking for a good, sustainable fabric to use and wanted them to be just the right size.

So this hemp, which comes in a light khaki, and a dark brown, might just be my favorite fabric I've sewn with ever. It is soft, sturdy, and unlike anything you can find in your local Joann's. Hemp fabric is sustainable because it grows quickly, therefore can be harvested and re-planted many times in a year. Also, it is naturally disease- and pest-resistant, and so requires no pesticides.

I chose to do a fold-over flap closure, which isn't being done a lot on Etsy, in an attempt to keep the velcro far away from where the crumbs tend to collect.

Limabeanhome is celebrating Earth Day with a month-long promotion: Spend $15 on reusable items during the month of April and receive free shipping AND one reusable produce bag.



ok- you just gave me a great idea for a future presnet for my hippy brother- he is all about earth friendly products, just like you :) and he would absolutely LOVE THIS. Thankyou for sharing. Question- does the food want to fall out of the sides/top? since it's not completely sealed? or does it stay in just fine? And does the food stay as fresh?

Lima Bean said...

I don't think the food falls out at all, and it stays fresh for one whole day, but not really for as long as a ziploc. You just have to eat it all that day, if that makes sense.