08 April 2010

Recipe Linkage

Here are a few recipes I've made over the past weeks that should be shared.

**I'm trying to incorporate more fish into our weekly menus for the non-fish-loving residents of my house very gradually so as not to make them hate it more. I thought this recipe was a good way to do it. Henry and I both loved it, and everyone else ate it, but didn't love it, except Owen, who wouldn't even taste it, but that's okay with me. I used the trader joe's boneless canned salmon, added a little bit of dill, and mixed up a little tartar sauce with mayo, zucchini relish, lemon pepper and onion powder to serve on top.

**Also, made these whole wheat waffles for a weekend breakfast. I added ground up flax seed for some omega-3s, which made it nuttier and I doubled it and froze the rest to put in the toaster oven for future breakfasts--much better than an eggo, I would say.

**Tried my hand at whole wheat hamburger buns. The recipe is a little involved, but worth it and next time I will also double it and freeze the rest.

**This quick macaroni and cheese recipe will make you re-think ever buying a boxed mac-n-cheese again. It is unbelievably simple and relatively cheap and contains no processed anything. I made it with whole wheat spirals and extra sharp cheddar, but next time might try it with a mix of different stinky cheeses--asiago, parmesan and cheddar perhaps to give it even a little more bite. My boys loved this. It doesn't replace a good, homemade mac-n-cheese with a roux and some add-ins, but is a great option to make instead of the boxed variety for a quick dinner.

These last three recipes came from this recently discovered website. If you have any interest in using less refined sugar and more whole wheat flour in your baking, this woman has figured it out and has an unbelievable recipe archive. Most of her recipes call for 100 percent whole wheat flour, and she offers suggestions on ways to prepare it to make it easier to digest, and less dense.

I've only just begun to incorporate these ideas into my own baking and cooking, but hope that eventually for me it will be second nature to use all whole grains all the time.


The Wittig Family said...

The mac and cheese does seem way easy! What % did you use for milk? We always buy skim and I wonder if this would work with skim.

Lima Bean said...

I used whole, but might try 2 percent next time. Let me know if you try it with skim and if it tastes okay.