25 March 2010

Reuse what you have: wax paper

Just thought I'd share this tip that was in our local newspaper the other day. This tip is good for people who eat cereal and use wax paper.

Save empty cereal bags and use them instead of buying a new roll of wax paper. This is only good for things that don't require the wax paper to be baked or heated up in any way.

I used it for drying no-bake cookies the other day and it worked great.

It pleases my green self and my frugal self all at the same time.



I would've never thought to do that! We're good about recycling the cereal box, but now I'll try and remember to save the bag too! Awesome. :)

Friend Family said...

I love this idea. My husband loves no-bake cookies and now I can make them without feeling I am wasting wax paper.

Bean said...

mmm, my favorite cookies ever! I wish I could do this but I only buy cereal for Annabel (Kix) and it is full of wheat... I would be too worried about cross-contaminating my delicious chocolate peanut butter gluten-free oatmeal cookies! <3