11 March 2010

From the trenches

Every so often, when I find myself deep in the trenches of parenting, I get a gentle, amazing reminder that all the teaching, reminding, and attempts to be firm & consistent really are paying off and producing boys who are worthy of, and listening to, the influence of "that spirit which leadeth to do good--yea, to do justly, to walk humbly, to judge righteously." (Doctrine & Covenants 11:12)

Teaching them how to recognize, listen to, and obey that spirit is what I consider to be my most important responsibility as their mother. Heaven knows they need it in the tumultuous, crazy world in which we live--a world that starts, even in 2nd grade, to bombard our children with things we would never choose for them to hear or see.

My gentle, amazing reminder came this morning, and it went like this:

James: "Mom, the book we're reading in reading group already had four bad words in it. Two d words, one h word and. . .(dramatic pause) even the f word."

Me: (horrified, ready to call the school immediately) "What kind of book is this?!!"

James: "It's called Shilo. It's a western, mom, those guys didn't have any churches back then"

Not sure what to do, but ready to call someone and complain, I found out that James had already done the work for me.

James: "Don't worry, mom. I told my teacher we couldn't keep reading this book. There were just too many bad words. Three kids agreed with me, two kids wanted to keep reading."

Come to find out, after a little hesitation on the reading group teacher's part (her initial reaction? "oh, just keep reading") James kept insisting, and finally, "James you're right."

They were six chapters in, and there were nine more to go, but they stopped right away and are now reading a different book.

James: "Mom, it felt so good."

It was a small yet extremely significant moment in his and my life and I am grateful he shared it with me.


Em said...

thanks for sharing. that is so great. hope my boys turn out to be like james one day :)

Emily said...

Oh my goodness that is amazing. What an awesome moment for you as a mom I'm sure. Such a young age to be standing up for what's right. I'm so impressed, and even a little teary. I'm so proud and he's not even my kid!! I hope I have moments like that someday.

Julie said...

Don't we hope nd pray that our children (and grandchildren) will always feel and heed the quiet promptings? Give James a big hug and his parents a biggger hug. xoxoxo

Marilyn said...

What a great thing. That is such hard thing to do as an adult, so kudo's for James.

He has great parents who set such a great example for him and his brothers. Really look forward to time with them all.

David and Jana said...

What a good kid! You are definitely doing something right!

The Fullmer Times & Seasons said...

That's really wonderful that he had the courage to say something.:)

Aimee Fuller said...

Way to go James! What a strong young man to be.


Wow! That's awesome!!

Jaclyn said...

That is incredible. Reminds you to keep going and that the hard work is paying off. Although I can't imagine why they are reading a book like that in elementary school in the first place. Well done James.

mindi said...

oh, i am crying for him! he's so small to have to be standing up for goodness already! sweet little james. what a great example and great leader already.

Andy said...


SummerV said...

That is really sweet!