04 March 2010

From the stash

If you sew, chances are you have a fabric stash. Oh, how I love my stash.

However, when you live in a very small house, as I do, the stash tends to take up too much of the already precious square footage. I often wonder why I keep certain pieces that don't seem like they're the right size or pattern for anything good.

And then one day, a project like this comes along:

and instead of rushing off to the fabric store and go crazy trying to find just the perfect thing, we raid the stash to find whatever needs to be used up.

This project was inspired by my friend Amy, who doesn't have a blog, but should, just to show off her creativity and the fun things she has made for her little daughter, Ahna, like these book holders that hang off her bunk bed. Because she's too humble to post about her things on the internet, I made something just like what we saw at her house the other day and will brag on her behalf.

Add in a couple of clip-on lights that were collecting dust in the closet, and each boy has his own cozy reading nook, like every boy, and girl, should.

All out of a bunch of fabric scraps that seemed like they were good for nothing.

**and Owen really isn't picking his nose in that picture, it just looks like it =)



What a great idea!! Every time I see your new projects it makes me remember how much I wish I knew how to sew. I bet your boys love having a handy place to stash their books. :)


So cool! I'm going to tell my sister about this-

The Fullmer Times & Seasons said...

What a great idea! Is that pattern for sale? I would love to make something like that.
You've really been busy sewing.

Em said...

that is so cool. Maybe when my boys get beds they take one for christmas? :)

David and Jana said...

Love it!