26 June 2009

Spreading the g love

Baby Henry and his green gbum
photo courtesy of Lis

We discovered gdiapers when Owen was about 3 months old. It was in December of 2005 and they were brand new on the market. I had a real dilemma throwing away bags of dirty disposable diapers with James, but at that point, didn't want to switch to cloth diapering. That was the only other option available until gdiapers came around. Turns out cloth diapering wasn't as daunting as I originally thought, but I just needed the flushable inserts to serve as a transition.

So I started with only flushable inserts in the gpants. They had a bit of a learning curve, as we had to figure out how to fit them onto Owen's little body to avoid leaks, but one of the fabulous things about the early years of the gdiaper company which remains today is their customer service. They have a diaper hotline you can call and someone will give you a personal tutoring session in all things gdiapering, no matter how many times a day you call.

Eventually I got brave and made the switch to cloth inserts in the gpants, a decision made mostly for economical reasons, that obviously has great environmental benefits as well. These are the ones I use and love, and the brand new gcloth inserts that just came out seem very similar, and are a great deal.

If you have ever considered switching to gdiapers, this is the time to do it, as they have a fabulous offer going right now. They just introduced the everyday g's 6-pack which contains three each of the vanilla and orange gpants. The regular price is $70, but using this coupon code listed below the price will be reduced to $40.


To use the coupon code, add one or more everyday g's six-pack(s) to your gDiapers.com cart, enter your code and click the "redeem" button. The price will automatically drop from $70 (regular price) to $40.


Emily said...

I have never heard of these! I am definitely intrigued and will check them out. I'll be needing diapers SOON!!


So I heard you talking about g diapers at Eileen's baby shower but I had never heard of them! Cloth diapers always seemed super scary to even attempt... way too messy and gross for my liking, though I do hate the idea of all of those disposable diapers in the trash. I will DEFINITELY look into this whenever we have our next little one. Good to know... Thanks for the info (I only wish I could use the coupon code now)!

Jon and Julie said...

Thanks so much! I've been using g diapers for about 6 months and I've been meaning to beef up my supply, but have been hesitant to spend so much for little g's. Hopefully with more pants Seth can have an exclusive g bum (Aren't they so cute?!). Next step is braving up and trying the cloth inserts. Any advice?

Brent & Kate Jefferies said...

Those are awesome! What a good deal. HOw long will the promotion be going on?
I did cloth diapers with Toby (fuzzi bunz) and I can't say that I loved it, but it was cheaper and environmentally friendly. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to use my FB's again or sell them and try something else.

Kristin said...

Thanks Kristine, I needed to buy some anyway, and this is a great deal.