13 June 2009

Drool if you must

This is a shout-out to my older sister, who has always been an amazing photographer, but since getting herself a new toy, has taken her photography to a whole new level. And I really enjoy seeing what she shoots.

I hope she doesn't mind, but I'm posting two of her pictures here for anyone to drool over.
I just really want one of those onion rings.
Makes you wish we all lived by an In-n-out, right? All of you who are so lucky--go now and order this exact meal for those of us who can't.

Her best pics are actually not of food, but I'm always so hungry lately (thank you nursing) that these are the ones I chose. She has a great collection that can be viewed here.


Bean said...

mm, I had a double-double protein style today for lunch! <3

Jaclyn said...

Makes a pregnant girl hungry. And gets me excited because they are opening one of those joints this summer in Draper, 2 min away from my house. I'll go order a double and think of you.

Emily said...

Yum! Had almost that exact meal this week! No tomatoes and grilled onions.
So yummy!

Kate Jefferies said...

I've never eaten there, as I'm not a big burger and fries fan...but I was wondering if you've ever tried Mike's Drive in up here in SE Portland? IF you haven't, you really should. AS I say, I'm not a burger fan, but I will love their buffalo burger with mushrooms, swiss and grilled onions til' the day I die. And after we leave Portland, I will long for this particular protein/iron boost at occasional intervals.
I guess I'm saying, if you want a good burger, come try one of these...you'll have to let me know how they compare.

Trisha said...

I grew up in L.A. with In-N-Out Burger's all around and seeing that picture is actually painful because I CAN'T HAVE ONE RIGHT NOW!!!!