24 June 2009

New projects and such

Sometimes I start surfing around the internet and get to looking at people's various sewing projects and then I want to make new things. I've never been great at making clothes, but ever since I traded all my maternity tops for all the others that have been in a bin for months, I made a sad realization. They are the same, tragic, plain, frumpy mostly v-neck shirts I put away those many months ago. I guess I was kind of hoping they would morph into some stylish, new awesomeness out in the shed in that rubbermaid bin.

So now I'm thinking I want to try my hand at making a couple of tops. Maybe some peasant-y style kind with some cute print fabric. How hard can it be? (for twenty bucks, name the Food Network star who owns that quote).

Here's where I answer my own question: I'm sure it's much harder than it seems. This is one particular blog post that has given me the motivation to maybe try it. The tricky thing seems to be making it actually fit and flatter your body. I'll keep you posted if I really decide to attempt it.

On another sewing note, I did find this tutorial and made one of these as a Father's Day gift for Jeff. I think the fusible fleece gives it just the right amount of padding without being bulky and also I love the soft flannel lining. I want to make one for my laptop now too.

It's definitely an easy, 1-2 hour project if your laptop needs some protecting.



Kristine, after you sew an article of clothing- you will say "why haven't I been doing this the whole time?" You just have to find a pattern that fits, and then make that pattern over adn over again, and you can change the sleeves, or neck shape and it changes the whole look, yet it's the same pattern. same with skirts. If you want to spend some money- you can get your body scanned in portland, and then pick out patterns and they make them to YOUR BODY. It's expensive though- it's 100 for the scan, and the patterns are 20. I only have one pattern, the scan was a birthday gift. ANYWAY- but you don't have to do that, I think a peasant top is a GREAT idea. and ALL the things i've made, came out of teh clearance section. Most of my dresses cost a total of 1-4 dollars. (i do teh 50% off sales)anyway- you just need to DO IT! You would make beautiful clothes, and you're great with imagining- and the colors-

Jen said...

Your new little guy is so cute! Hopefully we can get together sometime over the summer. Let me know when you feel like getting out!

AlexisTexas said...

sweet! I love when I have the motivation to start new projects-and finish them! At first I thought that was a diapers/wipes case/cover-and wondered why you made one for jeff, then read the laptop sentence following-my pregnant brain is running a little slow!
Oh-and I saw a cute v-neck with just a little 1-2 inch strip of cute patterned fabric around the neckline and it made me want to spice up all my old v-necks-i'll try and find where i saw it and send it to you. may be worth it to try it out and spruce up the oldies!
(sorry this comment is so sporadic)