11 April 2008

I've gone International!

Just wanted to share the fun news that in the last two weeks, I have received bag orders from Greece, Singapore and the Netherlands. (here's your brain twister for the day: can you match the country to their flag?)

How exciting that Etsy is connecting the world and we are able to sell handmade goods internationally. It was fun to ship to these friendly customers, knowing that my bags will be carried around their towns far away. Thanks for your purchases l


Emily said...

No idea...here's my guess.

Greece: The blue one
Netherlands: Red, White and Blue
Singapore: Pink with stars and moon. I know I'm right about Greece (ok, 80 % sure). Congrats on going international!!!

limabeanhome said...

Emily, you got 100 percent. Three out of three. Good job. So, for anyone who's wondering the answers to the brain teaser, Emily's comment above will now serve as the "Test key" by which to grade your answers.(Emily, that makes you the teacher's pet) Thanks for playing! :-)

Lizzy said...

That is amazing. People all over the world love your bags! That is so awesome!

Here's my guess on the flags:
What Emily said.

Yay, I got them right,too! (I'm a cheater...)

Classic Hound said...

yeah baby! congrats on the international sales! sweet! that means limabeanhome is world famous!!

Lis said...

It is so refreshing to have handmade things be traded in this global economy, and eco-friendly ones at that. It's a small movement, but one that can make us less stressed about all the crap made in China. Yay!