18 April 2012

Garden 2012: Part 1

In the past month, amidst all the rain, and even one freak snowstorm that dropped 6 inches of heavy, wet snow, I have found the inspiration to get my garden beds filled with fresh compost soil and ready for planting.  

This is the before--leaf mulch and black plastic for months to stave off weeds:
This is the after: filled to the gills with compost, and leaves tilled in with my brand new pitchfork. Also, cabbage and broccoli planted with garden cloth to protect those tender leaves from snails and pouring rain.
Also, found still planted in one bed were these wintered-over carrots: a little stunted in their growth, but extremely sweet and crunchy probably due to being in the cold ground all winter long. That was a fun surprise.


kate said...

Can I just say: you're incredibly awesome! Such an inspiration your gardening is to me.

Jaclyn said...

I was planting my garden this week and thought to myself "I need to check Kristine's blog to see if she has posted about her garden yet. I love reading about her garden." It's sad but true. Thanks for the gardening update and tips.