08 May 2011

Garden 2011: part 3

1) This year I discovered garden cloth. I think and hope this will change my gardening yield forever more. I made a little greenhouse with a hula hoop and covered the broccoli and cabbage plants and they have been soaking up the sun and warmth the cloth provides and growing like crazy. I also covered my carrot and snap pea seeds while waiting for them to sprout and am certain it made the process several days quicker.
2)This picture gives a little peek into what's underneath the cloth. We have had some warmer days and nights, and even since this picture was taken 5 days ago, the plants are larger and more healthy. I am in love with this cloth and can't wait to use it on my warm weather crops in the next couple of weeks--tomatoes, cucumbers and bush beans.
3) Italian parsley in the front, snap peas in the back.
4) Spinach in the front, romaine in the back. I am already eating the spinach and it is so perfect. Some of the larger lettuce heads should be ready in the next week or so. I can't wait!

It seemed like May was so far away, but now it is here and everything can be planted and these cold weather crops can be enjoyed while waiting for the warm weather crops to grow and produce.

***POST EDIT: I called this garden cloth, but now I just went back and checked and the official name for what I'm using is plant and seed blanket. Here is the link to the one I have. It is a little pricey, at $13-14/roll but I would say worth every penny. I plan to use it to speed up the growth of my tomatoes & cucumbers by creating a little hothouse until it is hot enough outside to remove it and let the sun do its job. Here in Oregon that doesn't usually happen until late June/early July which makes for a late tomato harvest. I'm an impatient tomato gardener. I want them sooner than that!***


Aimee & Brennen Fuller said...

Your garden looks awesome. That cloth is really neat. I've never heard of it before but apparently it works. Come July time your garden should be overflowing with goodness that I'll be able to reap the benefits at the family reunion.

jefferies said...

BRILLIANT! I'm way slow this year...haven't even started my garden yet. Urgh. I wish I was eating spinach and soon to enjoy heads of lettuce. I'll have to try the garden cloth!

Shannan said...

Okay, you are waaaaaaay ahead of the game. Now, pray tell, where did you get this "garden cloth"? I used plastic sheeting to cover my hoops. Yes it keeps it covered and warm, but no water gets in! Also, you said you'll be using it in the summer. Will you just use it like a floating row cover?

Lima Bean said...

Shannan--go back and read my post edit. I posted a link to the cloth. I actually called it the wrong thing, apparently. I really do love the stuff. I think that the plants still need to be watered, because not a LOT of water comes through, but enough comes in to make it steamy and hot like a greenhouse/hothouse. I hope you can find some! I do plan to use it like a floating row cover. In fact, I got anxious and planted 5 tomato plants today and covered them up with it, so I'll report back on how they're growing. I used to get so nervous when I wanted to plant tomatoes this early, but like I said, I'm such an impatient tomato gardener and I hope this will speed things up a bit.

~Holly~ said...

Your garden looks great!! I love seeing what other Oregonians are up to and what they're growing!