05 January 2012

This little guy

is officially 6, almost 7 months old. His cute little mug hasn't been seen a lot on this blog, since his arrival has made my life so much more full and busy than even I imagined, but he has been growing and is loved on every single day by all of his big brothers in their own special ways.

Around here, he is mostly just called baby, as Thomas just seems like a big name for such a little person. He'll eventually grow into his name, but for now, we like baby.

I'm discovering the joy of having older children and young children growing up in the same house, and the love and concern the older ones have for the little ones. It brings me so much happiness to watch their interactions and expressions of love and adoration.


Jessica said...

Love seeing that baby! He is adorable. Thanks for the bag tutorial link too. There are so many toys that will come in handy for.

Shannan said...

don't feel bad if it takes another seven months to feeling almost like your old self. My "baby" is 18 months old and I still feel like I'm running crazy!!! Four kids is no joke :)

Aimee & Brennen Fuller said...

He's all grown up! I can't believe how much he's changed. He's totally adorable.

The Fullmer Times & Seasons said...

What a cute little guy!