03 August 2011

Busy Summer

In the 7 weeks since Thomas joined our family, we have been busy.

James was baptized, Thomas was blessed, and lots of family came from all over the country for most of July to be a part of these special family events. We celebrated Jeff's birthday #33 and had a Fuller family reunion at the Oregon coast where we had not-so great weather, fun matching shirts and 14 adults & 18 children all sleeping in the same house. We also discovered an awesome new beach on the way home in Pacific City, Cape Kiwanda, where we met up with some great college friends who we haven't seen for 10 years. Our 4 kids became fast friends with their 4 kids for the afternoon on this beach where they searched for baby crabs and we all climbed a ginormous sand dune that we will definitely be visiting again.

Now it is August, all the visitors have gone home, Jeff is back to work, and I am learning what life is really like with four kids. Trying to balance all their needs and get anything done is no joke and I'm just trying to figure it all out and enjoy this last month of summer before school begins.


Aimee & Brennen Fuller said...

You guys have been busy. But what a wonderful busy to be. That beach looked really amazing. We'll have to go there next time we visit. And we'll bring some better with us too.

jefferies said...

We love Cape Kiwanda too!! We've been there twice and keep meaning to go back. Maybe we could meet there sometime!

Jaclyn said...

I love reading your blog, you keep it REAL. You and Jeff make the most beautiful little boys ever. I hope you're surviving being home with 4 little ones. Where's Mary Poppins when you need her? Take good care and take it easy on yourself.