31 May 2011

The final countdown

Two weeks(ish) to go before this Fuller baby arrives and today I'm feeling the feeling to fill up the freezer with food for later. I'm starting small, with some whole wheat bagels, bran muffins and chicken to shred for later meals. But I'm hoping my energy will keep me going to have a few casseroles and some chicken chimichangas to add by the end of the week.


Aimee & Brennen Fuller said...

I can't wait to meet the little guy! I'm so happy we'll get to meet him soon enough with the family reunion.

Here's some yummy freezer meals that are easy and crowd pleasers. They use essentially the same veggies and both use chicken so you could make them at the same time.



Jessica said...

Yea!!! We're excited for you. Wish we were near to chat over some warm bagels!

The Fullmer Times & Seasons said...

I can't believe it. You are so ambitious.:) Congratulations on being so close and so energetic. I bet it feels nice to know the end is just around the corner.
Thinking of you.