25 May 2010

Garden 2010: part 2

Lettuce, Lettuce and more lettuce. That is what is growing like crazy in my garden due to unseasonably cold temperatures and rainy weather here in Oregon the past two weeks.

Not that I'm complaining. Well, about the large amounts of lettuce, that is. The lack of sunshine is a different story.

Our potatoes are also doing very well--lots of greenery and the boys and I can't wait to see flowers on the greens to let us know that new potatoes are indeed growing below.

Thanks to Shannan for sharing the Tuesday Garden party found here each Tuesday. I love to see other people's gardens, especially the ones that are growing here in my own state and climate.


zentmrs said...

I'm so jealous of your lettuce! We've had unseasonably cold weather here too - I hope my peppers have had enough sun and heat to be hot.

Thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

I am in Oregon too:) Yes, the lettuce and spinach are enjoying themselves... it is everything else that I am getting anxious about! Look forward to watching your garden grow.

visiting from Jami's garden tour

Jenny said...

My lettuce is just about gone. I will miss it. I know what you mean about potato blooms. Makes me happy to know there are little potatoes growing under all that green.

Daniel said...

Wow your garden looks great. I envy you! I'm in Oregon too, but I'm sure not getting lettace like you. But the potaoes are growing like wild.

Jami said...

So glad you linked up to the Garden Party- nice to see what's happening in another Oregon garden. I would like to see the rain end, though!

Lundin said...

Your garden looks amazing! You are such a great mother & provider!