11 October 2009

Three things. . .

. . .that completely overwhelm me:

1) the constant clutter of daily living, including, but not limited to: cooking, eating, getting the mail, wearing clothes and sleeping in beds
2) switching out my children's summer and winter clothes and trying to keep all the sizes organized for next year's use
3)the lack of freedom to buy on a whim that comes along with living on a tight budget

. . .that I really love:

1) cooking more soup and comfort food for dinner on cool fall nights
2) college football games every Saturday
3) the peace-of-mind that comes along with making that tight budget really work each month


The Fullmer Times & Seasons said...

I think you're probably much better at the budgeting thing then I am.:)

If you have any great tips, would you pass them along?

Shannan said...

Double Amen.
something about living with three little boys that causes lots of clutter (esp. if they stick close to home like mine do).

Add to my overwhem list: getting dishes done on a daily basis. If I miss JUST ONE meal of dishes - they pile up for days before I'm caught up. Blech!

PS - you asked where I live in good 'ol Salem - I live in South Salem - seriously right off the I-5 freeway on the Kuebler exit. That is why I think Lis should absolutely come visit (and you should too) when you are passing on your way to Portland. I am right there!!!