21 October 2009


Whether the actual h1n1 virus really did invade our house is yet to be known; I'm assuming it did on the basis of the high fevers, bad coughs, and congestion that have manifest themselves in my boys for going on 4 days now. This thing is really quite bad.

I did what the CDC requested and kept them home from school, and it has been an interesting week to say the least. James, who has a pretty great immune system and didn't miss a single day last year has now missed three in a row and might even miss the whole week. Jeff mentioned today that the school district attendance numbers have been so wonky that they can't even use them to calculate statistics like they normally do.

I'll say I have never administered so much ibuprofen, tylenol and squirts of anti-bacterial gel in my years as a parent. But surprisingly, having three boys quarantined at home has been calmer, and less stressful than I expected at the beginning of the week when I realized the normal schedule was going to be thrown out the window. I'm sure it is just because they have very little energy to fight with me or each other.

Even stranger than how calm I've been is how the littlest Fuller appears, so far, to be immune to this thing. He's been a bit grumpier and more whiny than usual, but the things that appear to make him grumpy and sleeping bad are not the things that are making the other two grumpy and sleeping bad.

Here's to hoping that this is our one and only rendezvous with the swine and that the youngest and oldests in the family never get it.


Ilene said...

Oh my goodness. This makes me a bit more motivated to call the pediatrician to get my boys' flu shots. Yes, I know they don't vaccinate against the h1n1 but I better fight off anything I can.

I'm sorry for you and your boys. I hope they are on the mend soon!

Lizzy said...

I hope you guys start feeling better! The swine does not sound like fun.

David and Jana said...

Good luck! I hope everyone gets feeling better soon!!!

Emily said...

Kristine, that sounds awful, I really hope they feel better soon! We all got the H1N1 vaccination since we have a baby in the house...I didn't want to do it but now I'm kinda glad because I keep hearing about people getting so sick!

Kate said...

Wow! I think we had it too...but only my 7 year old. The rest of us were fine, while he was on bedrest for 3 days.