07 March 2009


I came across this bizarre thing on a blog I read occasionally (except that she was really using it and not making fun of it). I'm just making fun of it. If you're a cat lover, you might be offended that I'm making fun of it. But I consider myself a cat hater, so I think it's just plain crazy. And the hairless cat in this video kind of grosses me out.

How to toilet train your cat

It's kind of hilarious, really.


Aimee Fuller said...

Uhh....what?! That's just weird and I love cats but I think sharing a toliet with a cat is just a little too strange.

mindi said...

I'm a hater like you and that lady is crazy but I found it very entertaining for a 4 am feeding session. Poor baby just got a bumpy meal with all the laughing!

Em said...

how can you be a cat hater in our family? how sad for panther and max.

Trisha said...

You are so brave to admit you are a cat hater on your blog. I haven't worked up the courage to say that to a bunch of quilters. I feel like I am the only quilter who doesn't love cats. I think being allergic to cats is the biggest reason I too don't like cats. And who would want to share the toilet with a cat? EWW!!

Lis said...

"Just a scant teaspoon."

Um, there are so many things wrong with that video. 1) the music, 2) sharing a toilet with a cat, 3) the transparent blue seat.

I am a cat lover, but . . . wow.

My solution is outdoor cats only, where the whole world is their litter box. I know this is not your best solution :)

The Stefanek Quints said...

couldn't see it but will. my connection is terrible. how have you been? did you have an enjoyable evening with jeff? we missed you. it was a lot of fun.