17 March 2009

It really is worth it

Back in July, before this little Fuller baby was conceived, I wrote about how time goes too fast when you're a mother. Recently watching my little sis, Emilee, celebrate her IVF miracle baby Charlie's first birthday reinforced that statement for me. The first year of your baby's life seems to go by especially quickly.

But I'd like to add a little statement to that original statement. My theory is that when you're waiting to be a mother, time cannot go by fast enough.

During the first pregnancy, you have no idea what to expect--you're nervous, anxious, delighted, stressed out, excited and just want to meet your firstborn child. During the next pregnancy(ies), you know a little more of what to expect, but you're still nervous, anxious, delighted, stressed out, excited and just want to meet this child that will be joining the family.

Have you ever met a pregnant woman who isn't counting down the days to the end of this miserable/awesome experience? Difficult pregnancy or not, she usually can't wait for it to be done. In contrast, meet a new mother (first-time or not) and she is often quick to wish her baby was younger than he/she is because, "they're growing up too fast." It's an interesting comparison, but one that makes perfect sense considering how amazing and wonderful babies are and how much better life is when they're out of the womb, living their lives and developing their personalities.

Now perhaps, just maybe, this theory only pertains to me. Am I the only prego who finds herself overjoyed at the end of each day, knowing that I can check off another day in this difficult journey? And if so, my poor children. Because it means that nine months of their lives have been spent with me wishing time would go faster instead of slow down. They're still growing up--I'm just not waxing nostalgic about it like I normally am.

But it's okay. They're getting another sibling out of the deal, and of course, we are so grateful.

Seriously, though, is it May yet?

**The shirt in the picture is made by flauntitmaternity and can be found here


Donnie Barnes said...

Jives with the best advice we ever got about this kind of thing...Murch told us early on "never wish for them to be older just so they can do this or do that" or something like that. I mean, sure, we all want them to pop out of the womb already potty trained, but that ain't happening. All you're doing there is wishing that time passes faster than it already will, he said, and you'll regret it.

That's true, though I understand your paradox here. Well, I can't ever fully understand it, but you know what I mean. I don't think you've got any reason to feel guilty about it...it's one of those perfectly normal and completely frustrating situations.

And I dig that shirt. I hope there are others for those pregnant with twins and triplets (etc) that says "Do these BABIES make me look fat?" ;)

Em said...

it's so true! every day that passes we're completely amazed with boozie and how much fun he is and we keep thinking it can't get any better and then it does. but then we look at pics of him when he was tiny and think back and wish he was that tiny completely-dependent little theen again. oh ya, and we can't wait to meet baby fuller either :)

Lizzy said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. I still say how I want to freeze time just so Ben will stop growing. I want him to stay just how he is today, forever! And at the exact same time, I want to be done being pregnant! I want another baby, and if that means I have to be fat and overly emotional for nine months, I'll do it. But I won't necessarily love it.

The Wittig Family said...

I'm with you on this whole thing. And really, yea your other kids are getting bigger while you are miserable but think how much better things will be when you aren't nauseous anymore or carrying around a beach ball all the time. They will like things better as well when the baby is out because they will have their mom back. A busier mom at first, true, but a mom who can play, crawl around on the floor, have kids sit comfortably on her lap, etc., etc., etc. I'm all for having it be May now.

Ilene said...

It is a lot easier to want the babies to stay little and deal with their troubles when at the end of each day you get to kiss their sweet little faces.

When you're pregnant, there is no cute face to kiss to help sooth your stress and trouble. Only another stretch mark and heartburn.

Tara said...

Ok I LOVE that shirt! that is hysterical. I got to get me one of those. Especially because I am not one of those cute girls that are all belly. (damn those girls!)

Anyway you are so right. The wait for children can be a tough one. Especially when you are just trying too. It can seem like it will never happen!

The Stefanek Quints said...

you freakin crack me up! so know how you feel, am glad i'm not feeling it! sorry. it was fun to see you this last week. let me know when it happens again, and i'll come hang out. hang in there, may is not that far away!