16 January 2009

Soup of the Day: part 4

For now, this is the final post in the soup of the day series. But we have enjoyed some fabulous soups during these past few weeks and I have enjoyed reading your comments about the ones you've tried.

This recipe for Winter Squash Soup was shared by Alisa, and the hubby was oh, so excited to see that it was a version of the soup he had eaten many moons ago when he was a missionary in Paris. A "potage" of sorts (as he called it), I made this in my new Christmas/Birthday present--a pressure cooker (thank you, thank you Mindi) which cooked the squash in 7 minutes. This is a fabulous tool to add to my kitchen and I cannot wait to see what other magic it can do.

I must admit I intended to make the gruyere croutons, but forgot to buy a baguette so we ended up using the gruyere in a grilled cheese sandwich which was delicious dipped in the potage. Even if you think you hate squash, give this soup a try. It is sweet, savory, creamy and surprisingly rich even though it only requires 1/4 cup cream for the whole recipe.

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Katie said...

Sounds wonderful!
I have a pressure cooker and just love it. Beans in under 10 minutes!