09 January 2009

The mother of boys is the mother of men

Praise to the High One for giving me joys
Peculiarly sweet, I'm the mother of boys!
Mud puddles, torn blue jeans, toads, whistles and worms.
The furred and feathered and whatever squirms.

Black knuckles, bats, arrows and thundering noise.
They're all in a day for the mothers of boys.
But, ah, 'tis a dear joy to turn the blue eyes
To the manifold wonder of earth, sea and skies.

And, ah, 'tis a dear joy to watch a small hand seize
The hand of God in the knowledge of these.
Spare me, oh High One, to praise Thee more when
This mother of boys is the mother of men.

--author unknown

Upon hearing the news that we will indeed be adding a third boy to our family, I'll admit I had my tiny moment of disappointment (I thought my boys needed a sister). But once the news is delivered, all one can do is be happy, be thankful, and consider all the good things that will come with having three boys.

So after considering it for the past few days, here are my thoughts:
  • It is now guaranteed that for at least the next five years I will continue to hear the words, "there's more bad guys, I'll get them!," and ,"watch out, the (insert any word --doesn't even have to be a real word)-asaurus is about to eat you!
  • It is also guaranteed that the car noises, shooting noises, diesel truck noises, and the driving of cars up and down the walls and the halls in my house with the volume increasing ten-fold as soon as I get on the phone will not go away anytime soon. (As a girl, I will attest that girls do not come with ability to make such noises with their mouths. I've tried and my boys are not impressed--so now I will have another one who will also not be impressed, but will be born with this natural ability)
  • Now that James is 5 years old and refuses to go into the women's bathroom with me, I've learned that as long as Jeff is around, this will actually be quite a bonus of having three boys. About five years from now I will never have to take any child into the bathroom when traveling or out and about. (I know, this one is really a stretch, but I HATE public bathrooms, so for me, this is good news)
I have had a couple of teary-eyed moments as well. The first came yesterday when I walked into the living room and almost stepped on this:

I know, blame it mostly on hormones, but I was just overwhelmed with how cute it was to imagine Owen lining up all the cars, each one talking to each other. It made me glad that another one is coming along to line up the cars once Owen decides he's too big for them anymore.

Mostly I have been reminded of the blessing it is and will continue to be, having three future holders of the priesthood in my home everyday for the next 18+ years. It is an awesome privilege and we're excited to welcome this little guy into our family.


Lowe Family said...

Congrats on another little guy! He will be loved and adored by his big brothers. Your post was beautifully put. You're a great mom of 2 going on 3 boys:)

Jaclyn said...

Congrats on the third handsome little boy, you do make such cute boys that the world needs at least one more of them for all of us with little girls to fight over. BTW that sweater is incredible. Is your friend looking to take on new friends? Because I would love someone to make a sweater like that for my girls. Tell her I think it is incredible.

Donnie Barnes said...

Bean, that's one of the best blog posts EVER. And I'll add that you'll find that you won't need to make it to five years old with the second or third...four is enough. Ask me how I know. :)

And with Kevin at about 6.5 we're pretty comfortable with him going to the bathroom by himself in SOME places. Obviously not all, but some. Definitely anywhere that's known clean and is a single room where you lock the door behind you.

Trisha said...

You are so funny! Congrats on another boy. That much priesthood in the house would make me happy too!

tlenox said...

Oh.... that makes me want a boy.

AlexisTexas said...

Yay! congrats on a house full of boys! i have to agree with you regarding the crazy innate talent boys have for the car, plane, truck, all things boy sounds, etc. G has just shown us that these past few months! I laughed at the cars on the wall-G just started doing it today with a cat truck-although his dad may have taught him that one...not sure!
Ha...congrats though-you will have lots of strong boys to help you bring in the groceries!

Jen said...

Congrats! I thought for sure it was a girl! I've always thought that it takes really special parents to raise all boys. Not because they are difficult, but because Heavenly Father really needs wholesome boys on the earth. Especially right now! So, congrats again!

Ilene said...

Mothers of boys are busy from son up till son down.

You are so good with boys, that you are getting another little man. I love my little girl but raising her terrifies me far more than the boys. Boys are so much nicer to their moms than girls.

joonbeam said...

What a lovely post. I have 3 boys. Back then we found out at birth, but I knew from the start, each time, that it was a boy. People always thought I was having my third to have a girl, but that wasn't true at all and I was thrilled with my son. Now they are 31, 28 & 25 and they are still fantastic human beings. The world does need sons raised by good mothers. When they were 17,14 and 11, I had Scout, our daughter. Even though she is a bit of a tomboy, girls are innately different in countless ways. But all four are the joys of our lives. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love the lined up cars photo. Thanks for the memories. Oh, and speaking of tiny vehicle sounds, we have our first grandson. He's 20 months. Delightful!

Congratulations! Take care of yourself.

Emily said...

Your boys are so cute and nice, I'm excited for you to have another one...although I'm sure there was a part of you that wanted a girl. I'm glad you're looking forward to it because that picture of the cars lined up is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Son up til son down...good one Ilene.


That was such a sweet and funny blog. My favorites were the many noises you hear everyday- especially the ______asorous. haha. My next favorite was the cars lined up in a perfect row. It is so cute to imagine him lining them up so perfectly. So funny. I LOVE your boys, they are the sweetest cutest boys outside of my nephews I know, and that is not a line, I really think they are the cutest. I love watching them in primary.


One thing I've also thought about would be nice about having boys: when they are teens- no more carrying in the groceries, no more mowing lawn, washing car, doing yard work of any kind (unless you enjoy that) raking the leaves- that's what your boys will be for.

Jen I said...

AH! I feel the bittersweetness of another boy. I can imagine that is just how I will feel if/when I ever have another baby and most likely find out it's a boy too. There are advantages though, huh? At least it's not three girls as my husband always tells me. But ONE would sure be nice. Congratulations. I really do love raising boys more than I thought I would. Too bad our little boys can't play and line all their cars up together. That's a favorite here too.