09 October 2008

Oh, how I dislike cold

Dear Rabbit,
Please save me a little bit of winter for when I wake up.
Love, Hedgehog.

"I've written it down so you won't forget," said Hedgehog. "Please save me a little bit of winter."
"But why?"said Rabbit.
"Because I want to know what winter
feels like," said Hedgehog.
"Winter is hard and white," said Rabbit. " Winter is cold."
"But what is cold?" said Hedgehog.

Oh how I wish I were Hedgehog and didn't know what cold felt like.

Now, in my town, I can't say that winter feels hard and white, but it is definitely cold. Today was the first day I turned on the heater and felt I couldn't get warm all day long. There is a chill in the air and unfortunately it is here to stay. Sniff. Sniff. I hate the cold. I even always hate getting out of the shower because the air outside of the shower is so. much. colder.

If I were an animal, I would definitely choose to be a hibernating animal. Think of it--sleep and warmth the whole winter long; then you wake up and spring has arrived.

In this cute story poor little non-hibernating Rabbit gets left in the cold to miss his friend Hedgehog while he sleeps away the winter. He's lonely and hungry and can't wait for spring to arrive. Rabbit wraps up a snowball in leaves and saves it for Hedgehog.

Hedgehog stared at the snowball.
It looked like winter.
Hedgehog sniffed the snowball
It smelled like winter.
Hedgehog grasped the snowball in his paws.
"Ouch,"he cried. "It
bit me."
"That," said Rabbit, "is what winter feels like."

I couldn't agree more.

**I know, this post is a bit premature--I should be writing it in the middle of February when the winter blues are in full force and it seems spring will never arrive. Don't worry, I'll repost it then to remind myself and you all how much I hate the cold.


Lizzy said...

This is exactly how I've been feeling today, too. I just couldn't shake the cold this morning and my heater picked today not to turn on. And we have some crazy computerized heater instead of an easy pilot lighter one. Thankfully the landlord came over this evening and fixed the problem. Now I'm toasting my toes next to the vent. I love heaters.

Kari said...

How timely! I was out Wed. with the kids at the park and thought for the first time this season, today feels like winter. Time to bundle up!

Ilene said...

My only consolation for the cold is that at least I'm not dealing with Spokane cold. I loved Spokane but golly it was cold FOREVER there.

I think being raised in SoCal has ruined me for life. I just don't enjoy the winter all that much.

Brittany and Steve Macbeth said...

I felt this exact way today too, it must be in the air (no pun intended). I couldn't get my toes warm no matter how hard I tried - and I live in California - the weather has somehow changed in the last few days. But different than you - I miss winter here in Northern Cali - I don't want it all the time, but that first snowfall - there is nothing better to me. Miss you guys!!! Love you!

Tara said...

BRRRR! I hate the cold too. It is only 57 today in Vegas. Whatever! Good thing it should get up to 85 again next week because I am freezing!

Chelsea said...

This morning I woke up and it was snowing. SNOWING! Welcome to Utah I guess. It's October people! Last time I checked that was still considered Fall not Winter. Snow is so supposed to be a winter thing.


Oh my gosh, how annoying I just wrote an essay for a comment and I erased it. OK- so i noticed you have the Jessop book on your read list. Kristine, when the whole Texas raid happened I became obsessed with polygamy. It was all I talked about, all I thought about, it was awful. I stayed up late looking on youtube videos of the polygamy interviews or news stories etc. I seriously was obesessed to the point where I had to just refuse to look or hear or read about any of it. And I saw this book, wanting to read it, but new it would ruin me. THEN I GO TO AMY's and I see the book on her couch- and I'm like, "You're reading this?!" and she's like, "crap I was going to hide that from you." SO now ofcourse it's on my mind again. I really want to read it, but I'm pretty sensitive, it made me sick to my stomach when I was obsessed with it, to the point where i couldn't eat- now I'm really tempted to read it- but I'm thinking I probably shouldn't- did you become really obsessed with it? I mean, probably not like me, but you know what I mean, like really hard to get it off your mind? Tell me what you think, besides my being crazy :)