26 August 2008

Hooray for Kindergarten

I am a big fan of the blog, Make and Takes. Many of the fun things we've done this summer have come from Marie's fun and creative posts.

James is starting kindergarten next week, and I wanted to do something special before his first day. Using two ideas from Make and Takes, (this one, and this one), we had a super fun day.

Grandma wanted so badly to be the one to take James on his "backpack date", but since she lives a couple of states away, she let me be her surrogate for the day.

James picked out a fun green backpack
(and dropped a couple on the floor in all the excitement)

We went to Taco Bell, James's favorite restaurant
(and, let's be honest--I love it too.)

James's order: 2 soft tacos
My order: triple layer nachos and a cheesy bean and rice burrito
(Weren't you just dying to know what we ate?)

This one needs no explanation


Emilee said...

man, he looks soo darling and so grown-up w that backpack. trav will be happy that it's adidas cos he's a big fan. :)

Lis said...

Aw. Bean, you look so great in that photo! It's kind of classic.

The Taco Bell detrius, however, looks pretty sick. I mean, I know it tasted good, but seriously.

I can't believe he is going to kindergarten. It's just killing me.

Emily said...

So grown up! That is a really cute idea, I like it! And I love the sign too, I bet your mom loved that.

We love Taco Bell too. Every time we drive by Easton says, "burrito?"

Donnie Barnes said...

You guys all missed the best part! The UNC shirt!!!

Lima Bean said...

Yeah, he loves that shirt almost as much as he loves his new backpack. :-)

dogey said...

i miss you guys! you look so cute in that pic, and buddy looks like a grown up with his backpack :)

Lizzy said...

What a fun way to make kindergarten more special. You're such a cute mom. I need to be more like you!


such a sweet blog. Ok- Kindergarten? that makes sense, thinking about it- but not thinking about it, I thought he was older! he is so smart, I wish you cuold just observe him in primary, he can read so much better than all the otherh kids. I can't believe he can read all those scriptures and he is just starting kindergarten! Unbelievable! He is so smart, is it natural or do you do some kind of special thing? How do you do it? I want my kids to be smart!

Kari said...

What fun, Kristine!

Kari said...
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Wolf said...

What a great pix of you and James! It's hard to believe my grandson is now in school -- but he's sure ready for it!! Great backpack, James -- looks good on you.