30 August 2008

Go Ducks

Right behind our house is a freeway. I know, aren't we lucky? We actually forget it's there most of the time except when we try to have friends over in the evening and we get hoarse trying to have a conversation over the rush hour traffic.

So I was out in the backyard the other day and looked across the freeway to this scene. It really sparked some excitement inside of me. Here's why:

Top flag: Olympic fever--literally. I'm surprised we didn't end up with fevers from all the sleep we missed trying to stay up and watch the primetime coverage. The Olympic games were a lot of fun and it's always sad when they're over. Whenever our boys see American flags flying around these days they say, "GO USA!"

Bottom flag: End of Olympics = End of Summer--which is mostly sad except that now football season begins and we have two great teams to cheer for this year. Tonight, we're going to our very first Duck game at Autzen Stadium. We've lived here for 3 years now and still have yet to step foot in that awesome facility. Go Ducks!

And even though there's no BYU flag flying: Go Cougars! (they most certainly take precedence over the Ducks, being the Alma Mater and the potential BCS-busting team)


Lizzy said...

Go Ducks! Watch out for all the pot that gets passed around at those games. Except you guys probably won't be stuck in the student section, so never mind. Good times.

Lima Bean said...

We actually will be in the student section--can't pass up the free tickets. Thanks for the heads up :-)

Tara said...

YAY DUCKS! But yuck BYU. Go UTES!!! :)

dogey said...

potential bcs buster...if they stop with the fumbling already. seriously, did you watch the game tonight? i was pretty sure it was bullard high on the field.

BJ and Aimee said...

I just got my purse and I LOVE IT!!! I love the colors in the material and the size etc. Thanks so much, you are so talented. Everyone at work loved it as well so I showed them your website.

Tara said...

Hey Kristine. Yeah we like to start em young as Ute fans. :)

Anyway I am still looking at material for that skirt! My Mom and Sister are coming this weekend so maybe they can help me find something. I'll let you know when I get the material. Thanks so much again!!!


You know what-I have lived 3 minutes away from that stadium my ENTIRE LIFE (accept going away for college) and I have NEVER been to a duck game. Pretty amazing huh? My parents aren't into sports. I've always been curious about it though. that's cool you got to go. And, when I was in provo I never went to a BYU game! That's cute that your boys say go usa, they are so cute. I wish we could have talked more at the ward party- my life time friend came home from Idaho engaged- so I needed to freak out with her, otherwise we would have been sitting, eating chocolate chip cookies talking about sewing, your boys (forced by me) or LOST. If we are here then I definetly want to have a LOST party.

Ilene said...

Oh, the horror!! Never been to a Duck game?!!!

Soon your allegiance will fall to the Ducks. I am a Cougar fan all the way but Ducks take precedence in our house.

Have lots of fun and try to avoide the drunk frat boys and sorority girls. Make sure you are there a good hour (or like us two hours) early to get seats!

Ilene said...

Oh, and Tara being a Ute fan is bogus. She went to Ricks and BYU Hawaii and grew up a BYU girl.

She just "cheers" for the Utes to impress her husband.

Ah, I love rivalries.