23 January 2013

Fine, wear whatever you want!

I cracked up at a friend's facebook post the other day:
Packed almost my entire house today (except kitchen). I packed most of all of our clothes, which doesn't affect the boys since they only want to wear 2 items all the time anyway. 

I'm here to say that much of the conflict between me and my children has to do with clothing. Heaven help me with this one.

I am that mom who puts clothing under the Christmas tree and when the kids open it, they only like maybe one of the shirts, sort of.

I am that annoyed mom who cannot figure out why these boys want to wear the same pair of jeans every single day.

I am that mom who spews out lame threats about how today they have to wear something they haven't worn in a whole week. The conversation begins with a smile, and ends with a major meltdown.

And don't even get me started on the battle it is to get four children out the door wearing a coat right now. It makes me and them so uptight.

This battle is not worth fighting. I keep trying to tell myself that. But for some reason, this battle with clothing makes me hot-tempered daily. I am working on it.



megan said...

oh the joys of being a mom. Isaac is my worst. He wants to wear shorts everyday and no coat. I let him but he has to have a jacket or coat in his backpack. I made sure the teacher knew that he had a jacket if needed. Don't stress so much about the clothes just make sure they are clean clothes they are wearing and let them pick it out, or give them options out of 3 shirts, pants that are acceptable to you.

Tara Lenox said...

I get frustrated too when there are all these cute clothes just sitting in their drawers unworn. But I also remember having my favorites when I was kid and being so annoyed at my mom for making me where something I didn't want to. What a battle it is, and it's hard for me to hold my tongue sometimes.

Kate said...

My 7 year old wants to wear the same over size, thrift store purchased Oregon Ducks sweatshirt to school every day. He looks homeless. We are both having to make some compromises. Hang in there! Parenting is not for the faint of heart, huh?