07 September 2012

Garden 2012: Part 3

Every single year I get frustrated with how long plants take to actually produce edible veggies here in the northwest, but, as usual, it is worth the long, long wait.

I wouldn't say that 2012 has produced my most successful garden, but I am thrilled to eat what is growing, and I really didn't give it as much TLC as I wanted to or hope to in future years. When the children are older and less needy, tending to the garden more will be a big priority for me. But for now, I am reaping exactly as much as I sowed and trying everyday to enjoy the little people that need me so much.


Shannan Deshazer said...

everything you say in this post - I say 'amen' because I'm in the exact same stage!

jefferies said...

IT looks good Kristine!