08 August 2012

Fullympics 2012

I live in a house of competitive big and little boys. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Summer Olympics these past two weeks, and it has inspired much Olympic-themed play around here. 

  • Froggy taking a rest after completing his events on the imaginary uneven bars
  • masking tape to mark long jump attempts 
  • medals all in a row
  • beanbag toss: so far quite the hit at the Fullympics 2012
  • A little Michael Phelps-style warm-up and "take your mark" on the pillow blocks
  • It's a photo finish in the running 100 freestyle!
  • Everyone's a winner: Go Fullers and Go USA!!


Unknown said...

These are some lucky boys that have a fun and creative mom. Great job and fun mmemories. xoxo

Jaclyn said...

You are so creative. I should come up with something like that for my kids. I love following along with your family.