18 May 2012

Garden 2012: Part 2

These pictures were taken one month apart. Check out the raspberries up against the house!! They are growing like crazy, and if every blossom we see right now yields a raspberry, we will have a banner year! This is good news for the husband who loves raspberries like no other fruit, and was disappointed in the 15 total we got last season. It is also great news in general for the garden, because there are bees galore on the plant, and this means they might stick around to pollinate the other plants that always desperately need it--squash & cucs-- later on.
The broccoli is, however, not doing well. I might just have to give up on broccoli after two bad years. It turned out spindly and tall, with one tiny little head on each that was only one bite. With that kind of yield, I would say it is not a good use of the garden space and, thus, it might just get kicked out of the rotation. Sad, because broccoli is one of my favorite veggies, and I really would love to grow it well. I need to do a bit more research about it.
We have had an unbelievably dry May, which is thrilling for the gardeners. The ground has actually been warm and dry enough to put in the warm weather plants. Tomatoes are in the ground (no picture yet), bush beans are planted, spinach, carrots, and peas are growing and I am on the lookout for some good variety of cucumbers that will actually grow, as that was another crop that was a dud for me last year.


Jessica said...

yum yum! good job! oh how i love raspberries too!

~Holly~ said...

Congrats on your raspberry plant! Yahoo!! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm not sure about the broccoli. When did you plant it out? Maybe too late and it is bolting due to the stretch of warm weather we had? What variety is it? I'm not sure what's wrong. If I were you, I would try again for fall. This year I tried a new variety called Packman. It's a hybrid & is supposed to produce a large 8 inch main head. Good luck!!

Lima Bean said...

Thanks for the tips, Holly. I appreciate your comment and yes, I imagine it bolted due to that stretch of warm weather. I believe mine were a packman--I planted them in late April, which was probably too late. I might try again in fall--thanks!