01 December 2010


Thank you so much for all your nice comments and for all your excitement. In the middle of vomiting or wishing I could vomit, it is difficult to feel excitement but of course this is a very happy and joyous event and I couldn't be more grateful that my body is able to house and provide a body for one of Heavenly Father's choice spirits.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving was like a turning point for me. All of a sudden I had an inkling of a desire to cook dinner (nothing fancy) and we even sat at the dinner table as a family for the first time in weeks. I didn't want to get my hopes up, but the past few days I have been less exhausted and more able to deal with the nausea.

I have amazing friends and family who have offered so many prayers, and some dear, dear friends who brought over freezer meals for us to eat the next few weeks. I am sitting here feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for the love and support that so many people have shown to me and our family and that is the first true miracle of Christmas. I am so thankful.


The Fullmer Times & Seasons said...

I'm so glad. I hope it continues for you.:)

Kari said...

I am excited for you, Kristine. I think that it is not an easy thing to go into pregnancy knowing that you will naseau, etc., but I see that you are remembering the positives of it all. The jump to 4 was a big change for us. Tough at first, but also GOOD in so many ways! Hope the next few weeks continue well!

The Stefanek Quints said...

you are preggers? i didn't hear a thing. sorry you are not feeling well. hang in there...it is but a moment in time. thanks for that clip too, i intend to watch it.