28 August 2009

Just FYI

The nasty rodent was shot and disposed of. We don't have a gun, but luckily we have some friends that do and were happy to use it.

We also discovered how the little fellers were getting in--a fencepost that looked just fine but actually was loose at the bottom. Jeff nailed it back together and the dead nutria's buddy hasn't been back since.


Anonymous said...

lol...thx for the info :)

Ilene said...


This wasn't the Eugene response I was expecting.

Are your friends from Springfield?

So what do you do with the dead body? Do you call the city or just fling it over the fence?

LeAnn said...

Sorry about the disgusting nutria I really hate them! It is OK to hate them as they are not native to this area--they are invaders! We had a similar problem with a potato thief. He would pull up the whole plant just to eat the tender roots--it was a raccoon. I did some research and put some crushed up newspaper all around the outside of the patch--raccoons will not cross the crumpled paper. It seemed to work, I do not know if it would work for nutria, but worth a try.
PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE come and get part of our tomatoes--We have TONS and I really do not want to can any more. Seriously--anyone who will come and get them is so welcome to them!